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Show Style Line



Express and emphasize style lines, silhouette, internal/external lines, fold lines of 3D Garments.


Main Menu ▶ Display ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Show Style Lines


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ Display ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Show Style Lines

    → The Style Line window and Style Lines are now being displayed on the 3D Garment.

  2. Set details of the Style Lines.

    Thickness   Sets the thickness of Style Lines.
    Color   Sets the color of Style Lines.
    Show Silhouette   Shows or hides the outline of 3D Garment where it meets the background as well as folds and wrinkles (ver2.5.0).

    → The settings are now being applied to the 3D Garment.

※ Note: 

  • If wanting to hide particular Internal Shapes and Lines, select it and turn off (uncheck) Style Lines option in the Property Editor (ver2.4.0).

  • Show or hide Style Lines by Pattern or segment.
    After selecting a Pattern or a segment, navigate to the Property Editor ▶ Select a Segment ▶ Show Style Lines and toggle on or off the option (ver5.0.0.)
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