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The Main Menu is located on the topmost left of the CLO 3D Modelist, and a pop-up menu can be launched by right clicking in the 3D Garment Window and the 2D Pattern Window for fast access to each function.
The 3D Environment Pop-up Menu, the Avatar Pop-up Menu, and the Garment Pop-up Menu can be launched from the 3D Avatar Window, and the Pattern Edit Pop-up Menu, the Pattern, Line/Point, Seam Line Pop-up Menu, etc. can be launched from the 2D Pattern Window.

Main Menu
Located on the topmost left of the CLO 3D Modelist, it shows the menus for each function.


※Note: Use the Help menu to navigate to our Help Center with program manuals, online lessons, FAQ, community and more with tremendous helpful resources (ver5.0.0.)

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