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Add Point/Split Line



Add points and split a segment into multiple segments.
Just simply click or enter values to add points on segments.


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Edit ▶ Add Point/Split Line

2D Toolbar ▶  Add Point/Split Line



  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.   

  2. Move the mouse cursor over the segment.
    → Smart Guide is displayed and the mouse cursor snaps at the intersection with the segment. (ver 7.0)

  3. Click the segment where the point is to be added.
    Point is added at the segment

  4. Or right click on a line.
    Split Line window appears

  5. Set the option 

    Split into Two lines

    Adjust by entering the length of both lines which are divided by the right clicked point, or by entering the ratio.  

    Split by Length

    Enter the number of segments the selected line should be divided into. 
    You can change the direction in which a point is added to a start/opposite/center basis. 

    Uniform split 

    Enter the number of segments the line should be divided into. The line is equally divided accordingly. 


※Note: Use the Edit pattern to tool Select multiple segments and right click ▶When you select Split select, additional points can be added to multiple segments as they are detected as a single line.

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