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Copy/Paste/Replace Pattern (ver 6.2)


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Replace Pattern (ver 6.2)



Depending on the user's needs, copy and paste patterns or replace them only in the form of a specific pattern while maintaining the original properties. 


2D Toolbar ▶  Transform Pattern  or  Edit Pattern 



  1. Select the tool/menu as indicated.
  2. Right-click on the pattern or Internal line to be copied.
  3. Click the Copy (Ctrl+C) and then click the Paste (Ctrl+V)
    → The copied object is displayed at the mouse cursor
  4. Press the Shift key to place it on a vertical/horizontal/45˚ line or freely click anywhere you want.
    → The Pattern and Internal Line are copied at the clicked point. 

※ Note: 

  • If right-clicking when pasting, it is possible to input the value of Interval/Number of Shapes/Position(Internal Line). 
  • Patterns can be copied and pasted even between multi-run CLO programs. 
  • Copy and Paste by selecting only a part of the Internal Lines/Shapes.


Replace Pattern (ver 6.2)

  1. With the pattern copied (Ctrl+C), right-click on the pattern piece to be replaced. 
  2. Click the Replace Pattern menu.
    → It is replaced with the straight point position, curve, notch, baseline, pattern name, and grading information of the copied pattern. 
    → Sewing lines, Internal shapes, Graphics, Fabrics, Topstitching, Puckering, and buttons are maintained as the properties of the original pattern. 


※ Note: Pattern replacement is possible only when the number of segment points are the same.


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