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Offset as Internal Line


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Offset as Internal Line

Distribute Internal Line between Segments



Create a new Internal line at regular intervals along the pattern outline or Internal line of the pattern. 



Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Edit ▶ Transform Pattern or Edit Pattern

2D Toolbar ▶  Transform pattern or  Edit Pattern.



Offset as Internal Line

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.

  2. Right-click on the pattern outline or internal line and click Offset as Internal Line
    → Offset as Internal Line option window appears. 
  3. Set detailed options.
    Number of Offsets Enter the number to be created.

    Enter the distance from the selected segment.
    All Set the distance of all segments to be the same .
    Individual (ver 6.2) Set the spacing for each line segment individually.
    Offset From When inputting individual distances, the individual line can be set as the previous or selected line.
    Reverse Direction Change in the reverse direction of the selected segment.
    Both Sides
    Create internal lines in both directions based on the selected segment. 




    to Pattern Outline Extend to Pattern Outline of the pattern.
    to Internal Line
    Extend to Pattern Outline or Internal Line of the pattern. 
  4. Click OK.
    → Depending on the settings, the internal line/shape is created. 
    → If it is a curve, the curve point is automatically optimized. 


Distribute Internal Line between Segment

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location. 
  2. Select the two internal lines or pattern outlines that will be the basis for the internal lines creating. 
    ※ Note: If the outline or Internal line of the pattern is divided into multiple points, press the Shift key on the keyboard to select them all.
  3. Right-click on the selected outline ▶Select Distribute Internal Line between Segment.
    → The internal line option window appears along the slope.
  4. Set the following options arbitrarily and clock OK.
    Number of Offsets Set the number of internal lines to be created.
    Offset  Set the spacing between the internal lines to be created. 
    Distnace to Segement Edge  Set the spacing of the internal lines to be created away from the outline. 
      Reverse Direction Changes the set internal left and right. 
      Opposite Segment Changes the set internal up and down.
    Straight Line Create an internal line as a straight line. 
    Perpendicular Direction

    Create an internal line in the vertical direction of the selected outline. 

    Graduate Segment Lengths 

    The internal line does not extend to the pattern outline but fits into an imaginary line that connects the two selected line points in a straight line. 

    → An internal line is created based on the setting of each option. 


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