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Run CLO Network OnlineAuth



After installing the CLO Network OnlineAuth version and check how to run it.


  1. Click the CLO icon to run the program.
    → The login window appears.
  2. Set detailed options as needed and click the login button.
    ID / Password
    Enter your ID and Password.
    If check the save option, the ID and Password are saved in the registry. 
    Login via SSO Users can log in through integrated authentication(SSO).
    ※ Note: Currently, only Okta (OAuth 2.0), ADFS (ver 6.1) are supported for businesses and if users would like technical support, please click here to contact us.
    If a firewall is being used, please check this menu Users can log in through the client-server.
    Use a proxy server
    If the user is using a proxy server, the user must enter the information in order to be properly authenticated.

  3. Set the options below in the settings window. 
    Units Set the unit to be used as default.
    Language Set the default language.
    View Controls

    Select the view control settings provided according to the characteristics of the mouse and the program used. Individual settings can be made in "Settings> User Settings> View Control" at the top of the program.

    Graphic Options


    Sets the degree to which the boundary of the object looks smooth. The higher the setting, the smoother the boundary and slower rendering.

    Use VBOs Enable or disable VBOs which can improve rendering speed.
  4. Click the OK button and the program runs normally.


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    i cant login
    even though i have entered correct user id and password
    update me to login.......

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    @moorthy, did you receive any error message?