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Fold/Sew Pleats



Create a variety of pleats, fold and sew them (ver2.3.0).


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Pleats ▶ Pleats Fold / Pleats Sewing

2D Toolbar ▶ Pleats Fold / Pleats Sewing


Pleats Fold

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.

  2. Click to establish the initial point for the direction of the pleats, then double-click to establish the end point.
    → Pleats Fold window appears.

  3. Select a desired type of pleats.
    → Depending on the selected pleats type, the Fold Angles of the Internal Lines are now being highlighted.

     Note: Yellow: Outside fold line (Fold angle of zero(0) degree), Light-blue: Inside fold line (Fold angle of 360 degree), Not highlighted: No fold line (Fold angle of 180 degree)

  4. Check the Reverse Direction option as needed.
    The direction of pleats being folded are now being reversed.

  5. Click OK button to complete.

Pleats Sewing
  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.

  2. Click on the initial point and drag up to the end point of the seamline on the pleats Pattern. 
    Note:  In case of sewing the pleat pattern only, press enter to proceed to the next step. (ver 6.0) 

  3. On the pleats Pattern, click on the first Sewing Line to begin with, and move the mouse to the end point.
    → Sewing is now being established for every three(3) segments (the amount of segments needed to create each individual pleat). 

  4. Click on the end point to complete. 
    → The color of the fluorescent sewing lines are now being changed for respective seam color, indicating that the sewing is being completed.
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  • Avatar

    pleats sewing doesn't work that easy. It doesn't take the same distance

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    I'm having trouble, each time I double click it exits the pleat option, I can't seem to get a pleat menu to populate. Any tips?