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Select Mesh & Subdivide / Freeze / Solidify Selected Meshes



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Select Mesh (Brush) / (Lasso) / (Box)

Subdivide / Create Pin / Freeze / Solidify



Select the mesh and apply Subdivide, Freeze, and Solidify.



Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Select Mesh (Brush) / (Box) / (Lasso)

3D Toolbar ▶  (Click for more than 2 seconds)Select Mesh (Brush) / (Box) / (Lasso)




Select Mesh (Brush) / (Box) / (Lasso)

  1. Select the tool/ menu indicated.
  2. Click and drag the desired area on a garment. 
    → The area is selected.



  • Select Mesh (Brush) - Set Strength, Size, and Focal in the Brush window at the top-right corner.
  • Select Mesh (Lasso) / (Box) - To select meshes additionally, press Shift+Ctrl on the keyboard then click and drag on the garment. To deselect the selected area, press Ctrl and click and drag on the garment.
  • Select Mesh (Lasso) / (Box) - Double click a Pattern outline/ internal line in either the 3D/ 2D window to select Mesh along the segment. When selecting Mesh on the Pattern, adjacent segment vertices are also selected.



Subdivide / Freeze / Solidify (ver 6.1)

  1. Select the tool/ menu indicated.

  2. Right-click on the selected meshes and select the menu Subdivide / Freeze / Solidify.
    → Each menu is applied to the meshes and displayed in different colors. 

  3. Right-click the mesh area that each option is applied to. 
  4. Click Select All.   
    → The selected mesh areas are all selected. 
  5. Click Reset or Reset All menu. 
    → The option of the selected mesh areas is deselected.



  • Once you click the subdivided area, you can define specific options in the Property Editor.
    Name Name the subdivided mesh area.
    Level Set the subdivision level of mesh. The higher the value is, the smaller the mesh is.
    Smooth Subdivide the area between the subdivided area and the normal area progressively.
  • Right-click an empty area in the 3D window and click the Show/ Hide Color menu to hide each color of the mesh areas.


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