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Use this function to apply gravity and drape Garment Patterns in the 3D Garment window.
Pressing the Simulate button causes all Garment Patterns to fall towards the floor, and drape onto Avatars and similar objects that are in the way. When seamlines are set between Garment Patterns, the fabric drapes and falls while the set seamlines are sewn. 


Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Simulate

3D Toolbar ▶  Simulate 


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Simulate

    3D Toolbar ▶  Simulate

    →3D Garments in the 3D window drapes on Avatars.
    →When the Simulation is activated, the Toolbar_3D_Select_Move.png Select/Move tool automatically switches to the  mceclip0.png icon.  (ver5.0.0.)


  • Simulation presets are added to the 3D toolbar (ver3.2.0). Hold down the  Simulate tool to access the additional options.
    (Please refer to the below in accordance with the program version as the option names have changed since ver 5.2 for an intuitive understanding.)

Name Description

ver 5.1

ver 5.2


 Fast (GPU)

Select Simulate (GPU) for faster Simulation when working on a 3D Garment.

When it is selected, the Simulation speed improves depending on the computer's graphic card specification.


* As the collision is calculated with a different algorithm when using GPU for simulation, the simulation result created with CPU and GPU are different. Please learn more in detail from the FAQ linked below:
The simulation result is different when using GPU Simulation.
* This feature is only available in Windows.

* This feature is only usable in a computer with NVDIA GeForce GTX 960 or higher graphic card.

Simulate (Normal)  Normal (Default)

Select Simulate (Normal) when working on a 3D Garment.

When the Simulation preset is set to Simulate (Normal,) you can work on the Garment efficiently with fast simulation speed.

※Note: Fabric properties are accurately calculated in Normal (Default) Simulation setting as well.

Simulate (Complete) Animation (Stable)

Select Simulate (Complete) after finishing a 3D Garment.

When the Simulation preset is set to Simulate (Complete), Garment simulation is more defined but the simulation speed may decrease.

Simulate (Complete Nonlinear)  Fitting (Accurate Fabric)

Select Simulate (Complete Nonlinear) after finishing a 3D Garment.

When the Simulation preset is set to Simulate (Complete Nonlinear), Garment simulation is more defined and fabric stretch is expressed more realistically.


  • Adjustments to 2D Patterns' points and segments are reflected in the 3D window in real-time (ver4.2.0). The real-time Simulation (Interactive Editing) is not available from CLO ver4.2.0's last patch.
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    Gunjan Kumar

    I would love it if you guys could, somehow, make the real time simulation (Interactive Editing) work in CLO 5.0 and above too.

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    Why GPU simulation is not available on Mac and is there any plans to support that feature for Mac in the future?

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    will the gpu simulation ever work with a AMD gpu?

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    When the GPU simulation will be available on Mac ?