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OBJ Trim Properties


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Right Click Pop-up Menu


Set the Information, Specification and Material of the OBJ Trim.


Main Menu ▶3D Garment ▶ Select/Move(Q)

3D Toolbar Select/Move(Q)



  1. Select the tool/ menu indicated.

  2. Select the loaded OBJ trim.
    →The OBJ properties are displayed in Property Editor.

  3. Modify the properties according to the following.
    Information Name/ Item NO.  Enter a name and an item number of the trim.
    Tech Pack
    Set whether you include the trim in the Tech Pack or not.
    Specification Scale Scale trim with X, Y, and Z-axis. 
    Weight  Set the weight of trim.
    The entered value of weight is reflected in the simulation. 


    (ver 6.1)

    Set whether you turn the Collision on or off. 
    It only enables or disables the Collision of detached trim. 

    Collision Thickness

    Set the Collision Thickness with a garment. The higher the value is, the farther the distance with a garment is in the simulation. 
    Material Set the Material of trim. 

Right Click Pop-up Menu

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.

  2. Select the loaded OBJ trim.
    Button related pop-up menu appears.

  3. Click the desired menu referring to the following table.
    Select All Trims Select all trims in the 3D Window.
    Delete Delete selected trims.
    Copy Copy the selected trims.
    Paste Paste the selected trims.
    Mirror Paste (ver 7.0) Mirror-paste the copied trims.
    Duplicate to Symmerty Pattern (ver 7.0) Duplicate the selected trims to the symmetry pattern.
    Unglue The attatched trim is being detached from the Pattern.
    Hide Trim/Show All Trims Hide/Show all trims.


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