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Use Layer (Drape Additional Garment)



This function allows easier Simulation when setting which layer to get in/outward among overlapped multiple layers. By using this function, taking out inaccurately inwardly simulated patterns such as pockets and buttons, gets easier. In addition, adding additional outerwear on top of garments such as dress and shirts. The default layer value of zero ('0') means the layer function is being off. In that state, the arrangement order of the Patterns gets decided. 


Click Pattern ▶ Property Editor ▶ Simulation Properties ▶ Layer



  1. Select a Pattern in the 3D window to set a layer with  Select/Move tool.

    ※ Note: Select Patterns in the 2D window, in case of having difficulties when choosing in the 3D window.

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Click Pattern ▶ Property Editor ▶ Simulation Properties ▶ Layer

  3. Apply the value by clicking  Simulate button. 

※ Note: When the Layer value is being set, the Patterns become highlighted in neon green. Once the draping in desired order is completed, set the value back to zero ('0') for more stable simulation. (There is no change in draping even after modifying the value back to zero('0')). If Layer value is zero('0') but the menu appears in red when all Patterns are being selected, it is because that there are a variety of values being mixed. Therefore revert the Layer value to zero('0') once again.  

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