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Windows - Installation



Run CLO Standalone Version after the installation.


  1. Run the install file.
  2. Double-click on the CLO icon to launch the program.

  3. Enter the required information and click the Login button. 
    ID / Password
    Enter your ID and password. 
    If you check on the save options, your ID and password are saved in the registry. 
    Login via SSO 

    Login via Single sign-on(SSO) on CLO Network OnlineAuth. 
    ※ Note: Currently Okta (OAuth 2.0), ADFS (ver 6.1) are supported for enterprise users. If you need technical support, click here to request the support.

    If using 'Firewall', mark this checkbox
    Login through the client-server. 
    Use Proxy Server

    When you use the proxy server, add the corresponding proxy information to verify it.
    ※ Note:
    From the 6.2 version, the proxy server setting is set by the environment variables provided by the OS. Please find the further details here.

  4. After logging in, the Setting pop-up window appears. Adjust below options as needed.
    Units   Set default unit.
    Language   Set default language
    View Control

      Choose View Control presets optimized for respective mouse and program type.

      To adjust the setting individually, navigate to Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ View Control.

    Graphic Options


      Adjust the setting to smooth out the outline of the object.

      As the value increases, smoother the outline is and slower the rendering speed is.

    Show Shadow   Show or hide shadow in the 3D Window.
    Use VBOs   Use or unuse VBOs which increases the rendering speed.
    Normal Maps
      Use or unuse Normal Maps which express seamlines and textures more realistically.
  5. Select OK to run the program.
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